"What else good is he for?"

- Lewis Brindley, 2014

I Never Thought It Would Be You - musegaarid - Ouran High School Host Club

Ten years later, Tamaki goes to see an old friend.  (Tamaki/Kyoya)

Rated M for semi-graphic slash


Chemistry of Organic Compounds - musegaarid- Welcome to Night Vale [Archive of Our Own]

Cecil/Carlos, rated M for sexy tiems.  Coffee shop AU.

Write all the cliches!


I was Sjinspired by all the amazing Frozen Yogscast fan art that I’ve seen lately, so I put together this little music video for Sipsco.

Sips inspired me to change my Minecraft skin to Uthgerd.  Now I feel like a total beast.

Sips inspired me to change my Minecraft skin to Uthgerd.  Now I feel like a total beast.


Nilesy must need a badge to get to work every day, right?

((Artwork courtesy of Lucas Pope and Papers, Please.  I just Photoshopped it a little.))

  • Question: I haven't noticed any sexism - aggie001
  • Answer:

    No?  I try to stay open-minded and give them the benefit of the doubt, but take for example the fact that all of Sips’ female characters are explicitly whores, sluts, and/or bitches who get their way by showing their bare breasts to men, and it gets harder and harder to ignore.  And the other guys just laugh about it or objectify women in other ways.  I don’t mean to pick on Sips specifically; he’s actually one of my favorite Yogs.  I’ve just noticed it more lately, hence the original post.

    Thanks for your calm response, though.  It’s nice to have a dialogue rather than a shouting match!


I’m getting a little overwhelmed by the implicit sexism in the Yogscast videos lately.  I know they’re all nice guys and probably don’t even realize they’re doing it, but that really just makes it worse.  And it sets a terrible precedent for the fans who look up to them as role models.  I’ll take a break from watching their stuff for a few days and see if I feel better.